Stages On The Way

The first step is to contact the formation director. At this point you are officially known as an enquirer.

The intital step is to write something of your life-story and how you have come to the point of looking to join the Order. Once you have given that to the nearest chaplain, they will send you some more information which will help you form an appropriate personal rule of life.

As an enquirer, you will be in the process of deciding whether God may be calling you to follow Christ within the Third Order. 

The process of entry and life within the Order is as follows:

You become -

  1. A Postulant: once the Formation Director signs your rule. Over a period of not less than six months you will work with a Novice Counsellor before applying to be admitted to the Order as a Novice.
  1. A Novice, of the Order, and formally test the call upon your life through:

    • Committing yourself to a discipline of a prayer and obedience to the Rule of the Third Order
    • The keeping of a personal rule of life
    • Endeavouring to meet with other members of the Order
    • Reporting quarterly to an appointed Novice counsellor
  1. A Professed Tertiary is one who has tested a vocation, and been elected to Profession, and intends to serve God in the Third Order for life.

Other matters of interest -

  1. The Novice Counsellor, into whose care the Area Chaplain assigns Novices, is responsible for introducing them to the life of the Third Order and guiding them as they test their calling.

  2. Novices and Professed Tertiaries are required to make an annual financial commitment to the Third Order as part of their stewardship. This is forwarded to the Treasurer at St Francistide (September 17 ~ October 4).

  3. A Third Order newsletter is sent out with items of interest and up-to-date information on addresses, etc.

  4. Each Novice and Professed Tertiary is given a copy of THE MANUAL which includes all matters concerning The Rule and life of the Order.

  5. In most areas there is an area group which meets regularly and members are notified of local area meetings and encouraged to attend regularly.

    If, after reading this and other information on this site, you wish to go further please contact the formation director enclosing an Outline story of your life, including what has brought you to this point of enquiry.      

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