St Francis House  





Who Are We?

We are a small community of three. Two Third Order Franciscan sisters and a Lay sister. As Franciscans, we are a part of the world wide Society of St Francis, a religious order in the Anglican Communion. Our home is the old St Aidan’s vicarage in Miramar which we now called St Francis House.

There is a daily pattern of prayer around which we are engaged in a range of voluntary and paid employments and activities. The various ministries include work in the local community and parish, ministering to the elderly and marginalised and hospitality.

We take turns at preparing the daily meals, and the household chores are shared. After our evening meal, we enjoy fellowship until we retire for the night. We also welcome guests to share at our family table where we try to eat simply.

Our Life and Ministry‘Abide in me and I in you’ John 15:4

Our daily life is a balance of prayer, community life and service to others. Each day we are rooted and grounded in God through our prayer that lies at the heart of our life and gives meaning to the whole.

In our community life we seek to live together in love and unity, sharing in the domestic work of the house, in recreational activities and hospitality.

Our ministry is varied and includes parish work; (being involved in praying, teaching and administration); ministry to the elderly; to the marginalised & vulnerable, and spiritual direction. As a community we seek to hold together both the contemplative and active dimensions of life, believing that each needs the other to complete the whole.

Our Purpose

To serve our Lord Jesus through prayer, work and study.

The Three Aims of the Order are:

  • To make our Lord known and loved everywhere
  • To promote the spirit of love and harmony
  • To live simply


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