Our Minister Provincial, John Hebenton, is currently on a tour of MP duties. He has spent time in the Islands helping to Chair the Regional Chapter.

John reports; This Chapter had representatives from nearly every Area, (not Vanuatu). We reviewed and affirmed the structure put in place three years ago and new people were then elected into all but one of those positions.

The new Regional Office holders are:
Regional Minister - John Patteson Ngalihesi
Regional Chaplain - Caulton Medobu
Regional Convenor - Jimmy Maeigoa
Regional Formation Director - Betsy Ngalihesi
Regional Novice Counsellor - George Gnagnafu
Regional Treasurer - Walter Sinuehanue

Please pray for each of these, and those who laid down their office at this election.

From the newly elected Regional Minister, John Patteson Ngalihesi;

The chapter meeting marks a very important step in the development of the Franciscan life and spirituality here in Solomon Islands and Melanesia. We seemed to understand structure and responsibilities of regional positions, commitment, redirection, focus and visioning the future. John [Hebenton] traveled Malaita, Makira, Savo and Kohimarama brought the Franciscan message right across the Solomon Islands. I am thankful that he gave a very powerful talk to the students and staff of Bishop Patteson College. We believe that his message of encouragement will go along way and that at some stage he may still come back to help when needed. 

Peace and all good.

John Patteson   

 Before travelling to the Ministers Meeting in South Africa, John H will spend a week with the brothers in Stroud.