Focusing For Spiritual Direction

(Written by Andrew Dunn)


  • How am I praying?
  • How is my praying changing?


  • What is God saying to me in my Scripture reading/meditation times?
  • What is changing in me as I listen to God's word for me?


  • What is God like for me at present?
  • What image or metaphor best desribes this?
  • What are it's strengths?
  • What are it's limitations?
  • What is the invitation here for my relationship with God?


  • How well do I know Jesus?
  • How is Jesus enjoying our relationship?
  • What more of himself is he offering to me?

The Holy Spirit:

  • In what ways do I sense the Spirit at work in my life?
  • What fruits of the Spirit can I see in my life at present?

My Life:

  • What place am I at in my journey?
  • What topographical image best depicts this place? (describe it in detail)
  • What is the invitation coming to me in this image?
  • What do I need to confess, let go, repent of, change etc?
  • What signs of grace have I seen this month?